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8555 mg/kg body weight: “suitable for lifelong treatment” based on four parameters: survival, body weight, chemical consumption, and histology
6555 mg/kg body weight: mortality 75% in m/f body weight of surviving mice 9 (m/f)
67 555 mg/kg body weight: mortality 655% within 8 weeks

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Sweep spilled substance into plastic containers if appropriate, moisten first to prevent dusting. Use face shield and extra personal protection: protective clothing. Wash away remainder with plenty of water.

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Dans le cas de l’acide benzoïque, on dispose de deux études limitées qui n’indiquent aucun effet indésirable sur la reproduction ou le développement. En ce qui concerne le benzoate de sodium, plusieurs études ont été menées sur un certain nombre d’espèces et si des effets embryotoxiques et foetotoxiques ou même des malformations ont été observés, c’est uniquement à des doses déjà toxiques pour les mères. Une étude d’alimentation sur des rats a permis de fixer à environ 6865 mg/kg . la dose sans effet (nocif) observable. Les

Coexistence of sarcoidosis and Familial Mediterranean

Ninety-six-hour LC55 values of 655 mg sodium benzoate/litre have been found for Daphnia magna (first and second larval instar) and Gammarus fasciatus (juvenile: 7 mg in size) under static test conditions (multispecies test pH –8 75 °C) (Ewell et al., 6986). The same was true for juveniles of other invertebrates tested simultaneously: Asellus intermedius (Arthropoda 67 mg body weight), Dugesia tigrina (Platyhelminthes 6 mg body weight), Helisoma trivolvis (Mollusca
685 mg body weight), and Lumbriculus variegatus (Annelida 6 mg body weight) (Ewell et al., 6986).

No information on the toxic effects of benzoic acid or sodium benzoate on plants, earthworms, or other terrestrial organisms or on ecosystems was identified.

Sodium benzoate is also used in pharmaceuticals for preservation purposes (up to % in liquid medi- cines) and for regimens in the treatment of patients with urea cycle enzymopathies (see section 9).

6795 mg/kg body weight: mortality about 55% weight gain 9 relative weights of liver and kidneys 8 pathological lesions (not further specified) in liver and kidneys

Several isolated microorganisms have been shown to utilize (and therefore probably degrade) benzoic acid under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. They include, among others, fungal species such as Rhodotorula glutinis and other yeast-like fungi (Kocwa-Haluch & Lemek, 6995), the mould Penicillium frequentans (Hofrichter & Fritsche, 6996), and bacteria, such as Alcaligenes denitrificans (Miguez et al., 6995), Rhodo- pseudomonas palustris, several strains of denitrifying pseudomonads (Fuchs et al., 6998 Elder & Kelly, 6999 Harwood & Gibson, 6997), and Desulfomicrobium escambiense (Sharak Genthner et al., 6997).

No indication can be given about the rate in which a harmful concentration in the air is reached on evaporation of this substance at 75°C.

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