TRANSCRIPT: Duterte’s 2nd State of the Nation Address

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am i entitled to loan for house renovation but Ill use the land title of my mother in law because we live there? and am i entitled to loan if my monthly contribution is only P655 and my net pay is 69k?

What is C24/7 Natura-Ceuticals and COMPLETE? | Your

With the network you built and continues to build and e-loading, another income stream is opened e-Rebates.  Even with this alone, we can already attain our Financial Freedom.  But PPM gives us more.  We also have another income stream in 7 765 6 Follow me matrix , and another from the Table of Exit.


6. is there a minimum age requirement?
7. if there 8767 s a down payment needed or a reservation fee, do i need to pay that or it will be shouldered by pag-ibig?

Sabi ko: “Do not assault. If necessary, we’ll just have to wait, wait it out.” But we have to give food. You do not go. I don’t care if they are Moro or Christian. It’s not We do not have that luxury. Kasi kapag there’s a distinct possibility that we are there, they will just behead everybody. So find out a way to do it. If you cannot find a way to do it, then just I just said: “Wait it out.”

hi doc thank you po sa pagsgot sa mga question ko, ako po kc ay ndiagnsed last yr n my endometriotic cyst ,polycystic ovaries,mmyoma 6cm ung mga size n p n yan ay last may 7568 lng,nka pills po ako 9 9 months ngsrt po ako last yr nov and ngdecide po ako n tumigl muna ngaun augst gsto po nmin mgtry mgbby 75 yrs old n po ako,. gsto ko p sna itnung kng pra san p ung folic acid pwede po b ko mgtake nun? at anu pa ung mgndng vit n mrerecmnd nyo po sa akin,ang tntke kpo kc vit c at caltrate plus nbsa kpa kc n mgnda dw p ung calcuim at vit d
pra sa endometriosis..slalamt po

Thank you dra. but still i want to get pregnant. and i need to go to specialist, do you have a friend that you can refer to me dra.?

hi..i am a single mom and is planning to buy a house in a pre-selling subdivision. Nagbayad na ako ng reservation i was advised to submit docs for the pag-ibig question is..gano katagal bago maapprove ung loan ko..and plan ko din na magkaron ng extension don sa gagawain na house..pwede ko ba isama ung cost non sa loan na iaapply ko..or ang maiaapply ko lng eh ung 85% lng nong property?

Since it is a vacant lot, you should apply for house construction later on. Yes, it 8767 s possible to get that much. It really depends on your income and the appraisal of the team.

hi doc! magkano po ba ang vaginal repair? keloid former po pala lahi namin kaya ang tahi ko sa perineum eh may malaking keloid..