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As for ho/oho, I think one would use those terms if you are talking to someone who is around the same age as you but slightly older. Tapos ikaw mismo ay adult or adult na.

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Excuse me, you people ? Nasubukan mo ba manghiram ng librong wika at mag aral? Reklamong laseng lang ginawa mo eh. Walang gumagamit ng oho , sa lang yun. Yung ho sa pasko yun.

Paghugas ng Kamay (Handwashing)

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I always thought it was a grammar thing like when daw turns into raw , dito to rito , and din to rin.

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Unemployed. Pero nung may work pa ako, dun sa pinagtrabahuhan ko, since american mostly ang clients, ineencourage kami na gayahin ang americans. Pero hindi sinasabi explicitly. For example, first name basis kami as much as possible so no ma am and no sir. Also, I don t remember I ever heard anyone use the terms “ho and oho.

The next time na manonood ako ng balita, aabangan ko kung magsasabi nga ng ho or oho yung mga reporter. Iniimagine ko kasi kung po or opo ang gagamitin nila, parang ang awkward. Hahaha.

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Ehhh.. wala tayong magagawa, nature of the beast yan. Ang language ay dynamic. Mabilis magbago. Kinda like currency, naka-salalay ito sa mga gumagamit.