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Mainit ang selda’t umaalingasaw,
Puno ng salarin at mga magnanakaw,
Ilang sandali pa’t ako ay papanaw,
Ang buhay at alaala’y kagyat malulusaw.

Ano ang ibig sabihin ng bumulwak ang wagas na pagmamhal

Hindi paaawat ang galit na madla.
Si Ponsyo Pilato ay walang nagawa,
Lumingon, tinawag ang kanyang alila,
Bumulong, nagutos, humingi ng batya.

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Dumating ang gwardya’t ako’y kinaladkad,
Palabas sa sentro, doon sa may bungad,
Sangkatutak na tao na nakatambad,
Walang ni isang nagaalay ng tawad.

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Although the most widely known portion herein is the “Order of Salvation”, by God’s grace and help we will take a look into vital things like

His greatest need reflected on his question that echoes possibly in the hearts of all men in this spiritual economy who has some semblance of some afterlife and how to attain it.

There 8767 s room at the cross for you,
There 8767 s room at the cross for you
Though millions have come,
There 8767 s still room for one,
Yes, there 8767 s room at the cross for you.

*Manila Shibboleth does not know the group or family herein attached and is not in any way affiliated with them but is, however, thankful that they were used by God to sing this song and be a blessing to many people.

Yes, a sweet rest is remaining
For the true children of God,
Where there will be no complaining,
Never a chast’ning rod.

Behold our Maker pierced and dying,
He takes away the sins of the world.
He bears our shame without replying,
He takes away the sins of the world.

So for most of my high school years, I convinced myself that I was just simply an insomniac but in reality I was struggling inside and it was very tiring.