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Kung ang pagkakasala ay paglabag sa kautusan, paano mo malalaman kung anong mga kasalanan mo? Sa pamamagitan ng Sampung Utos.

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The politically motivated massacre that happened last week in Maguindano which caused the lives of some 69 people mostly women and journalists is but a by product of unhealthy home environment. Apparently there is something wrong with the kind of family or home environment those people involved the alleged and massacre of women have been raised. Did their parents teach them how to respect life, not to harm people particularly women and children? Where they raised as responsible individuals who abhor violence and respect existing laws of the land?

Francisco J. Colayco

Going back to Jared Loughner, the man is reported to have been heavy pot smoker, confused, bitter, and have an attitude problem. I am sure his parents did not want him to be that way but somehow Jared Loughner grew up as someone who could not get along with other people. There is no reason to blame his parents to the tragedy, although they could be partly responsible too to what he (Jared) became as other people think about they too are saddened and devastated to the incident involving their son and did not know why this thing had happened.

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She 8767 s pretty, sexy, and a very adorable lady the very reason why these three suitors never gave up wooing for her love. But for as long as they never smell that good to Merlina they will never have any chance at all.

Comparatively, there was a 68% increase in tourist arrivals in January 7568 over that of the same period in 7567, 678% in February, 678% in March, 87% in June, 85% in August, 67% in September, 76% in November and 87% in December.

Masakit ang mabigo sa pag-ibig sabi nga nila pero mas masakit daw ang ikaw ay iwan ng iyong asawa at mag-isa ka na lang na mag-aaroga sa iyong mga anak.

Now, I challenge you, my co-PNUans, do not be overwhelmed by formidable challenges that confront us today, but be motivated to be part of smaller changes that we can contribute today for the larger change we may expect in the future. Let us start now, let us prove that we are the hope of our homeland. Let us stand united, committed enough to transform our society.

Muling nabuhay ang pagibig at pagmamahalan nila sa isat-isa at di nagtagal nagpakasal sila. Naging mabuting ama si Tomas at ngayon ay isa na siyang lolo. Mga anak na lang nila ni Marita ang namamahala ngayon ng panaderya. At sa isang bukid na palaisdaan naman ang pinaguukolan ngayon ni Tomas ang kanyang panahon.

            To see zen as a way of life and not as for dogmatic affairs, is its strength. You take things as it is and carefully observe the things that goes around your mind without biases from others, just for yourself is one of the great things in zen.

Not every lie makes you a kāfir. If a man propose to a girl and he lies about his age that is called deception
This kufr is minor kufr. When you lie on Allāh (swt), you are a kāfir.