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Massive Cover-up Exposed: 285 Papers From 1960s-’80s

The video I included will answer some of your questions, as it deals with what climate data is appropriate, and what isn 8767 t. Climate science today appears to be a mess, at least as controlled by the warmist gatekeepers.

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In reviewing the available scientific literature from the 6965s- 8767 85s, it is plainly evident that there was a great deal of concern about the ongoing global cooling, which had amounted to -°C in the Northern Hemisphere and -°C globally between the 6995s and 6975s.

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Interestingly, a research firm dedicated to cannabidiol education – called Project CBD  – launched an investigation after patients began submitting complaints about some of these CBD derived from hemp labeled products, including “Real Scientific Hemp Oil,” claiming they were making them sick. After six months, the organization emerged with a 85-page report entitled “Hemp Oil Hustlers: A Project CBD Special Report on Medical Marijuana Inc., HempMeds and Kannaway,” which began as a curious look into an umbrella penny stock company, but transformed into a dissection of the hemp oil industry and its sometimes shady business practices.

Honestly, hard to say what you should do, because there are so many factors that go into the decision. If you are using history as your guide and you have a long horizon, then going long and strong global value and momentum would be a good idea. But, of course, past returns may not reflect future returns and you could lose your a$$ as well.

It seems like combining valuation and trend doesn 8767 t seem to work in a robust way. Maybe you can figure it out. If you can PLEASE SHARE a trend following model with a macro valuation element would be super intuitive. We just can 8767 t get comfortable with the evidence that is actually works.

The article correctly says, 8775 the force that the wind imparts on any object goes up with the square of the wind speed 8776 , but then goes on to contradict itself by saying, 8775 This is the same effect by which drag on vehicles increases exponentially with increased speed. 8776

Lots of possibilities depending on terrain and moisture. Dogwoods of various species, highbush cranberry, willows, ninebark. I would surf the Michigan Sportsman 8767 s Forums habitat section and the QDMA forums. Here is a list from QDMA that might help. Some kinds of honeysuckle in some areas are acceptable. You will need to search Google or the various forums to find out for your area. https:///articles/plant-this-not-that-habitat-improvement

It is obvious, that the real subject are papers claiming more cooling (or warming) and not papers talking about what has happened (some pretty mi#nor cooling).

You 8767 ll have a generator and a good fuel supply for it just in case unlike all the nuts that wait until a storm is bearing down on their town to try and buy a generator.