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Smart insists on prefix codes BY DARWIN G. AMOJELAR SENIOR REPORTER SMART Communications Inc. said it will implement per pulse charging on calls made to subscribers of other networks using a prefix

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Emmanuel R. Ledesma, Jr., Psalm president, told that the winning bidder has 955 days upon receiving the notice of award to complete the project.

Book Three : Labor Code of the Philippines : Presidential

(i) Require each head of an officer or department to prepare and submit an estimate or appropriations for the ensuing calendar year, in accordance with the budget preparation process in Rule XXXIV of these Rules

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(v) Assist cooperatives in establishing linkages with NGAs and NGOs involved in the promotion and integration of the concept of cooperatives in the livelihood of the people and other community activities

(d) A violation of this Article shall be a ground for suspension or dismissal of any official or employee responsible therefore.

Similarly, it factored in recovered and billed foreign exchange-related costs through the automatic cost recovery of monthly fuel and purchased power costs and forex-related costs (ACRM) relative to the transition supply contract (TSC) of state-run National Power Corporation.

Hi Reinz! My children, Josephine Grace Lirag Kyne, Maria Stella Lirag Achacoso, Maria Chona Lirag Caparas, Barbara Lirag Caparas & Jay Reyes Lirag & :I are wondering about the Casilag heritage. My father-in-law & my kids grandfather was married to Regina Kasilag. Would you please give us some details about the relation of the Kasilag. Reinz, you are doing a wonderful job! Thank you so much. Belen Reyes Lirag Foster

The negotiations, according to the source, happened both in Manila and Hong Kong with support from Quezon Power’s Thai parent firm EGCO.  Notably, Meralco PowerGen’s acquisitions generally involve the Hongkong-headquartered First Pacific Holdings Inc. of Meralco chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan.

Since the payment of legal fees is a vital component of the rules promulgated by this Court concerning pleading, practice and procedure, it cannot be validly annulled, changed or modified by Congress. As one of the safeguards of this Court’s institutional independence, the power to promulgate rules of pleading, practice and procedure is now the Court’s exclusive domain. That power is no longer shared by this Court with Congress, much less with the Executive.

(iii) Certification by LMB that the land area of the proposed city meets the minimum land area requirement and that its creation will not reduce the land area of the original LGU or LGUs to less than the prescribed minimum