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Sir Ruel any idea what line on their PIC Sows you got? ang pagkakaalam ko kasi sabi ni 557 minimum of 65 heads ang bilihan, correct me if i m wrong and it seems like you only acquired 6 sow, pwede palang paisa-isa siguro basta palakasan lang. tulad mo may kakilala ka. Paki confirm nga sir ruel. One more thing sa Quezon farm mo ba nabili ang PIC mo?

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Gas lamp or electric bulb may used to control the temperature inside the brooder. The brooder box must be cat and rat proof. With proper feeds. Enough water and optimum temperature maintained, the mortality of quails can be kept at 5%-8% during the brooding stage which usually last up to 65 days.


Di ba mayroong regular visit yan sa technician? Ang alam ko kapag bumili ka from PIC may schedule of visitations at before you could get your gilt/s ay may survey muna before they would release it to you.

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pacensya na po, nalito din me, supposedly kc camborough gilts mga bbilhin ko but ngshift me to F6 kc kukuha me ng future na mga inahin dun,hindi kc pedeng maging inahin yung PIC piglets kc nadedegrade yung breed nya, purely for slaughter lang yung anak ng mga camborough 77 & asia

Wha I m doing is.. bibilang ako ng 68-77 days from . pag-wlang sign of heat meaning buntis na ang iyong alaga. but if you want you can use the ultra-sound technique.

Ang itinuturok ko ay basic medicine lang po, depende rin sa status ng sow. but usually Right after manganak ang sow Teramycin . po ang ibinibigay ko. at least hindi masyadong strong ang concentration nito.

Pagkatapos dumaan sa settlement chambers ang sunod naman ay ang mechanical filters: ( ang artikulo ukol sa settlement chambers ay sa ibang post)

There is no known morbid disease of quails. While they suffer from some respiratory disorders, these do not spread fast and the mortality rate is very low. Hence it is not difficult to maintain the health of birds. Regular cleaning and disinfection program, however, should be followed. Cages and broiler boxes including the incubator and hatchery trays can be cleaned with strong water dried under the sun. spraying with disinfectant follows. Vitamin premix can also be added to the feeds or the drinking water to promote growth and improve the laying performance.

To ensure better circulation of air in the brooding box, air vents should be provided. Used clean cloth or sack can be spread over the screened portion of the brooder especially during the first 65 day. This will help conserve the heat in the brooder. Five or six layers of clean and dry newspaper shall be used to cover the mesh wire flooring during the first 65 days.

During the first five days, the temperature requirement of the quail chick is 95°F. this may be reduced to 95°F on the 6th day down to 85°F on the 65th day after which the quail birds will have developed enough feathers to keep their body warm under ordinary room temperature