Review of NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 Pack: Nature's Answer to Hair

Hi Sora! Huhu I 8767 m not sure about the answer dun sa pag nagpa semikalbo. I think the hair will grow if you 8767 ll be regularly applying the shampoo and lotion even if di ka nagpakalbo kasi the product will rinse away the dirt and excess oil that 8767 s the culprit for the hair shafts not growing. Pwede magsumbrero. 🙂

My Keratin Permanent Blow Dry Experience in Reyes

Hi BJ, it depends on your use of the product. Kung maikli ang buhok mo, magllast siguro ng 6- months ang isang set. When you have achieved the result as desired, continuing to use the product is most ideal. Otherwise, it 8767 s good to use organic/natural products that don 8767 t contain harsh chemicals.

Pwdi poh bang di gumamit ng scalps lotion pag papazuk poh sa work kc poh pawisan yung work ko..pwdi poh bang bago matulog nalang ang pag gamit..oh pwdi pong mag aply kahit papazuk ka sa work..

After 9 cycles of chemotherapy for breast cancer, I am now completely bald. with a few strands of 6-cm baby hair. Is it safe to use this product? Of course, I 8767 ll use the scalp lotion only. I am 67-y/o.

hi miss ko lang po ba na isang beses lang ako mag lagay ng novuhair lotion?kasi dito lang naman ako sa loob ng bahay buong isang araw palagi.

Hi ECC. Sana nga ay gumana ito sa 8767 yo. Pangit pala ang effect ng longtime use of Suave? First time kong narinig. Anyway, thanks for sharing and good luck sa pagtubo ng hair mo muli. 🙂

I 8767 ve been reading ur posts & Im learning a question is how do you know if youre 8767 s is BALDING or just your hair is BALDING & already affected a significant part of the head can novuhair still work?

ok lang ba maggel kahit gumamit ako ng 8 in 6 na novuhair? kasi lagi ako pumapasok sa work so gusto ko maayos palagi hair ko. ginagamit ko ung regroe.. thanks

I bought also the 7in6 product of Novuhair, im using it for 8days just want to share my experience and ask questions. During application of the shampoo i see alot of hair on my hand, this one alarms me this happens to me before when using other shampoo,but not as many when i try Novuhair (maybe up to 55% added), is their something wrong when i apply it? (my method is apply it to thin part directly then massage but after seeing the hairs on my hand, on the next day i try just putting it on my hand then in my hair and scalp then massage). Thanks in advance for your advice/feedbacks.

Hello Zaly_Chris. I think it will be best if you go to a hair doctor for a consultation kasi I 8767 m not sure about your scalp condition. It will help if less ang stress mo kasi ang pagpapuyat or by not having enough sleep, di rin optimum ang pag repair ng body. 😐