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Father please help me in my need on my taxes to be fix I gotta get my son back in I gotta move my son 9 months in in this 6 bed room apartment the bathroom calling is out we need to move father I know you not a Genie but father I need you now more then ever please hear my cry for help need you I need something to change I love all my kids I just need you to help me guide me to the problem cause I can 8767 t do it on my on father please help me in need bless me indeed father my family need it most of all need to in your son name Jesus Christ I pray Amen thank you father I love you I believe in you I have faith in you I know you gone help me I just know you will

Prayer for Urgent Money Miracles

Hi pastor please pray for me to receive a miracle money morning when i wakeup into my bank account seriously right now life not good have big debts and im not working my son not going to school because i dnt have money and sherrif come day by day into my house please help me

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I tried it once. It 8767 s really working for me. Medyo tinamad lang ako sa bandang huli. Alam ko may natira pa eh. Mahanap nga ulit yun para makagamit ulit ako

Sagupaan Superfeeds

O ,lord I 8767 m asking you in the name of Jesus Christ to bless me financially to pay out my kids school fees and pay off my me now lord ,Amen.

God i no we are so many that ask for your help we fall so easy you are one god please help me when you can i do need just want to have a fast mircrla love you and help eho need you the most love you

Dear god thanks to everything u give me every thing today I want pls my husband future bright instantly miracle in my husband life and also our relation is joyfully and piecefu jejus n marry happy Christmas l ameen

I pray that God helps me to receive money in my accounts. I have problems to solve and also to help my families. Please Lord have mess on me in Jesus Name I trust Amen.

Im so tired oh Lord! My life has been full of struggles and pains. Pls.. bless me your miracles, touch my life and change it oh LORD! With you, I believe nothing is impossible and as i ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Hi Josephine. Answer is yes. The shampoo will help to clear out excess oils and clean your scalp. The lotion will act as an agent to grow more hair. You may check out Watsons for the cost. It 8767 s like 9k+ for one package (including the conditioner).

hi ask ko lng kung effective ito sa mga meron nang white hair? kc tita ko lagi syang nagpapakulay ng buhok at naglalagas yung buhok nya Salamat po. 🙂