Concertina FAQ: Buying Advice

Concertina FAQ: Buying Advice

Shipping Returns We accept PayPal via Ebay – This is the quickest way for you to make a payment and for us to recieve payment and process your order. We only ship to the address you provide with your PayPal payment. Most items ship within 1 to 2 business days Monday-Friday – We promptly forward tracking when shipped to you. If we can ship your item Worldwide we will – Click “Contact Seller” for any shipping questions for a quick answer! Please save the boxes your items arrived in – You will need them for any return or replacement, as we do not send advance replacements under any conditions. If criteria is not met, these exclusions apply: Increased restocking fees are where there is very noticeable wear on the product and the value of the product has dropped considerably.

Monarch Accordions

When looking for a first accordion to begin learning to play on, there are a multitude of different makes and models available, as well as a huge range of different prices, sizes and weights. This wide choice can often be somewhat confusing. Price One of the things that many people find most important when looking for their first accordion is price.

Occasionally older Italian accordions dating from the mid twentieth century will crop up as well. The next step up in terms of budget, in the region of £1, to £2,, brings into play quite a few varied choices of accordion.

Who invented the harmonica? Buschmann Sadly, the early history of Western free reed instruments is somewhat cloudy, but if we are defining the harmonica as a mouth-blown free reed instrument where the notes of the scale are selected by the player’s mouth, rather than fingers, then the usual answer to this question is that it was invented by sixteen year old Christian Buschmann in Buschmann called his new instrument the “Aura” or Mundaeoline”.

However, most of what we are told about Buschmann comes from a book written about him by one of his descendents, Heinrich Buschmann. Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann, der Erfinder der Mund- und der Handharmonika was written in , during a time when Germany was very keen to demonstrate its superiority over other nations. Because of this, many of the books written during this period tend to downplay the achievements of other countries, often to the point of deliberate falsification.

The Germans are far from the only nation guilty of this. British reference books proudly identify Sir Charles Wheatstone as the inventor of the harmonica and older American texts often used to credit Benjamin Franklin – this is doubly erroneous as he was associated with the glass harmonica, an entirely different type of instrument and far from inventing it, he merely added some improvements to it.

The date this book gives for Buschmann’s invention is , a date repeated in almost every history of the harmonica written since then, describing the aura as being four inches long and having 15 steel reeds mounted side by side, perhaps intended merely as an aid to tuning, rather than as a musical instrument. However, independent confirmation of this date is lacking and in fact, a letter from Christian Buschmann written in to his father who was living in Britain at the time mentions a harmonica-like instrument that Buschmann Junior had only recently invented.

SOLVED: Have a hohner button accordian think it got bit of

Buying Advice If you are reading this there is at least a possibility that you are interested in buying a concertina, so I shall proceed on that assumption. Since the first version of this FAQ was written in the landscape for buyers of concertinas has changed radically. Back then if you wanted to buy new then either there was a handful of makers making expensive but superlative instruments at a rate of a few a year or there was Bastari now Stagi making fairly cheap but not so nice accordion-reed based concertinas.

Most people bought an old instrument that had been renovated. Such concertinas varied between just about passible and superb, with prices to match.

The Impiliput is another Rowbotham creation, dating from It is a Hohner Liliput, but with the bass action and blocks from a Hohner Imperial I Piano Accordion spliced in. The tuning is B/C with the half row tuned to C# (F to F) and the bass end tuned to 12 unisonoric Hayden-style free bass, no chords.

You could also read the entire Archive, in which case you get an A for effort! Al, how appropriate or inappropriate is the tour material in terms of a yr-old? Thank you very much! I see every demographic in the audience at my live shows, from toddlers to geriatrics. Susan M of Tallahassee, FL asks: Of course, the video is available on iTunes in fact, it was the 1 best-selling music video for a couple months!

Accordion Centre Birmingham

Missin – Details How much is my old harmonica worth? This is probably the question I get asked the most by email and the best answer I can give is that like anything else, an old harmonica is worth whatever someone is willing to pay you for it. I know that probably doesn’t help very much, but unlike used cars and collectible pottery, there is no “blue book” of used harmonica prices. If you think you’ve found a valuable old treasure in the attic, it’s likely that you are going to be disappointed.

Whilst old guitars are often considered to be “vintage”, old harmonicas are generally considered to be merely something that has been in someone else’s mouth. Harmonicas were made literally by the thousand and even sometimes by the million Hohner, just one of the many companies to have manufactured them, produced their one billionth harmonica more than a quarter century ago.

It is truly an ancient instrument and has been found in various forms dating back to ancient Greece. Here are few recommended accordion manufacturers: Hohner Accordions and Frans Van Der Aa Accordions.

I’ve loved his theater organ playing since , when I bought a CD of his duets with pianist David Harris. Now you can hear him play the “Clarinet Polka” on the Kimball-Wurlitzer at the Organ Piper Music Palace in Greenfield, Wisconsin, and enjoy two of life’s pleasures at once — the mighty Wurlitzer and polka music. The music is great duh! Then grab your credit card and buy this CD.

Includes an excellent booklet with liner notes by Carl Finch. It’s your chance to hear one of the seminal bands of New Wave Polka. Back in the day, Rotondi named for an eccentric vegetarian author from California could be found playing on the same bill with Brave Combo and Polkacide. The band members were a wickedly talented bunch: Mike Rose, who lent his classic sax chops to “She’s the Lion,” a Paul Lacques original with an Mbube-like groove, has played with the Ventures and done much other session work.

All the music is original, written or co-written by Paul Lacques, the mad genius who put this wild bunch together.

New Hohner Accordions

Mahogany ends with plastic buttons, 6-fold bellows, leather hand straps. Mahogany ends, plastic buttons. Steel reeds in aluminum frames. Original 5-fold bellows with decorative papers.

Thieves have stolen some of the world’s rarest musical instruments from the home of Northern Ireland’s ‘Accordion Man’. Police issued an appeal after 30 accordions, some dating back to the.

By the early s, the terms disc jockey and DJ were in use to describe radio presenters. During WWII, because of restrictions set in place by the Nazi occupiers, jazz dance halls in Occupied France played records instead of using live music. By , the term was used in Paris to describe any of these type of nightclubs. By the following year the term was being used in the United States to describe that type of club, and a type of dancing in those clubs.

By , discotheque and the shorthand disco were used to describe a type of sleeveless dress worn when going out to nightclubs. Mobile Discos referred to Disc Jockeys for hire that brought their own equipment to office parties, weddings and the like. They included using music venues with a loud, overwhelming sound, free-form dancing, trippy lighting, colorful costumes, and the use of hallucinogenic drugs.

But at The Loft and many other early, private discotheques , men could dance together without fear of police action thanks to Mancuso’s underground business model. The first article about disco was written in by Vince Aletti for Rolling Stone magazine.

‘Accordion Man’ devastated as 30 instruments stolen in raid

Blues Harp Harmonica As I learn more and more about the blues harp harmonica and blues music and some of the biggest and best players, the name Hohner, keeps popping up in ads and around the web. An old radio ad about the Hohner blues harp is what caught my eye and made me curious. It says on the lead ad and I thought that was amazing. Hohner has been around for over years now. I respect and appreciate all things vintage and antique.

Mar 24,  · Homepage › Forums › Vintage Melodicas › The First Hohner Melodica and Clones. Tagged: the dating game. This topic contains 21 replies, has 9 voices, form of Melodica resulted from a collaboration of the Hohner-Musterwerkstatt with the department of metal construction accordion under Dr. Dorner.

I played with it a while, then put it on a shelf. The book traces the adventures of a small green button accordion as it passes from hand to hand in the USA, over more than a century. A wonderful read for musicians, and anyone. I got my accordion out. The similarlity with the harmonica is striking, the details follow. The picture shows a 10 button keyboard. This essentially means 10 holes, like a harmonica. The button accordion is diatonic, meaning that it is tuned to one key more or less.

Also, like the harmonica, a different note plays for each button hole when the bellows are pushed or pulled. Just like the blow and draw on a harmonica.


April 4, I own an accordion. I used to own two of them.

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Accordion Restoration Accordions are built to last. Their sturdy construction is designed to make them reliable companions for decades of playing. But even the finest accordion will begin to show signs of wear and tear after years of use. Reeds may go out of tune, keys can start to stick or the bellows could develop a crack.

And if an old instrument has been in storage for a while, it might have gathered dust and require a thorough cleaning. The Hohner Service team in Trossingen specializes in restoring vintage Hohner instruments and stocks a wide range of original parts. We will be happy to recondition your beloved accordion and restore it to its former glory. Please use the form below to contact master accordion builder Ralf Trischler and his team, and we will be happy to advise you.

Dating and valuation Hohner has been building accordions since

Impasse des Vertus. French musette waltz, Hohner Organola accordion.

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