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Congestive Heart Failure is a serious condition, no doubt. The prognosis is also grim, going by the sheer statistics. But like Dr. Cowan and Dr. Sinatra are combining traditional healing wisdom with the latest science to improve outcomes for patients. So go ahead, give your heart and your spirit a second chance. Begin by eating right and drinking pure water. Take a walk on the grass, in the sun. And spread the love and watch it heal your heart.

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In the early stages of heart disease, your dog's body may make adjustments to allow him or her to cope with the disease. During this stage of the disease your dog may show  no visible signs of being unwell.

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Hyperthyroidism is an excess of thyroid hormone resulting from an overactive thyroid gland. Symptoms can include increased.

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Not all heart attacks begin with the sudden, crushing chest pain that often is shown on TV or in the movies. In one study, for example, one-third of the patients who had heart attacks had no chest pain. These patients were more likely to be older, female, or diabetic.

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Vincent Bufalino, MD, senior director of cardiology, Advocate Medical Group, Chicago former American Heart Association Physician of the Year spokesman, American Heart Association.

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High blood pressure (hypertension) means high pressure (tension) in the arteries. Treatment for high blood pressure include.

The prognosis for Congestive Heart Failure varies directly with how well you are able to reduce the factors that increase its risk.

Even though heart disease is the No. 6 killer of women in the United States, women often chalk up the symptoms to less life-threatening conditions like acid reflux, the flu or normal aging.