LOOK: Grandma in viral snatching video gets birthday gifts

During the weekend, anonymous donors sent a television set, an ABS-CBN TV plus and groceries to the ABS-CBN Bacolod station as birthday presents for Lola Emma.

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On Sunday, the two collaborated for a cover of the OPM song &ldquo Ako y Sa Yo At Ika y Akin Lamang.&rdquo

&ldquo Thank you everyone for the gifts. God will surely bless you for making me happy. A big thank you to the guy who took the viral video. I may not know you but you made all of this possible,&rdquo Emma said in local dialect.

MANILA -- Sarah Geronimo and Daniel Padilla performed a duet on &ldquo ASAP&rdquo that easily trended on social media.

MANILA - Emma Dongosa, the old woman in a viral snatching video while on board a jeepney in Bacolod City, on Monday marked her 69th birthday.

During the number, Geronimo could not help but gush over Padilla&rsquo s cute looks. The two ended the number with a friendly hug.

Emma lives alone in a shanty in Barangay Bata in Bacolod City. Despite her age, she continues to sell fruits outside a school to earn money to buy food and pay her bills.

Lola Emma was surprised to see all the gifts from people that she did not know. She even showed the crew her vintage TV.

The donors, who refused to be identified, said they were moved by Lola Emma s story and coordinated with the news team to facilitate the giving of the gifts.