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I used to think that giving them opportunities is the way to go, but some are so far gone in that mentality that it is exhausting, not to mention might have the effect of even dragging you down when you have enough to deal with. But if you can, and if you’re inclined, a good starting point is to just expose them to alternative ways of looking at things. You can try to spend a little time with them, to understand their situation, and maybe they will also see and understand the reality of your situation. You can “try to” lead by example, and expose them to the habits and behavior that you have developed and were taught to become successful people.

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Someone quoted, If you are born poor, it s not your fault. But if you die poor, you re accountable. (Translated & Paraphrased, Cebuano language kasi original quote)

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yung baby boy Aleman joke la-ang yon. baka totohanin mo, mapasubo ako bata pa naman kame ni misis e ahehe.
siguro saka na lang, mga after 95 years. 😆

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According to new recommendations from the USDA, all carbohydrates in the diet should come from fibre-rich foods and whole grains. How quickly the glucose in food is absorbed is described as the food&rsquo s glycemic index. Foods with a low glycemic index take longer to raise blood sugar levels and are recommended over those with a high glycemic index (. rice, corn flakes and simple sugars).

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baka kailangan din magpatingin kayo ni misis sa espesyalista brod? may mga babae namang obygyny o infertility specialist, baka may konting kelangan lang na iayos sa matres ni misis. at ikaw man baka kelangan mo lang ng konting vitamins. 😉

The Institute of Medicine recommends that 95% to 65% of the energy required should come from carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates.

But that doesn t mean they can t, and that being mayaman means they are heartless for the poor. And being a dick about it by shoving it up your face everyday does get annoying. How do you expect them to understand if you annoy it to their faces everyday?

ngayon, halimbawa lang na kahit manawari ay huwag na talagang wala na kayong pag-asang magkaanak, huwag kayong malumbay. ang pagkakaroon naman o hindi ng anak ay hindi dapat makaapekto sa pagsasama at pagmamahalan nyong dalawa ng iyong asawa.

Kaya minsan whenever you re put into one of those situation, think of all the things na sinasabi nila at maging thankful ka na lang. Kasi siguro kung wala yung mga sinasabi nila sa buhay mo baka nagtitinda ka rin at panay comment ka rin sa mga batang nag-aaral, ha ha :) Biro lang.