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Pag-eehersisyo gamit ang mga sport mode

6. Armed with this new list, we then look closely at what sort of modification applies. We have a start earlier, where we showed that modal-like adverbs can modify a preposition, which is all there is to it, thus:

‘Ng’ versus ‘Nang’ - Filipino Journal

You may print and distribute these worksheets to your children or students, but you may not do so for profit.  I use these worksheets for my sixth-grade daughter 8767 s review.

Wastong gamit ng salita

In meaning (a), the phrase cannot be interrupted by a noun phrase, as the following examples show. And it is in this meaning that we consider it as a preposition.

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And all this work just to eliminate a handful of words? I actually have pre-weeded out the list of non-prepositions. When you work on your language, you will find many borderline cases and you will need some tests.

8.         List the ‘suspected’ prepositions in your language. Can the prepositions serve as the roots of a regular verb ( dahil dinahilan ) or a stative verb (a verb that refers to a state or condition rather than an action, for example, batay nababatay is all right but not dahil *nadadahil.)?

When in conversational mode, the application of grammar in perhaps any language is not really strict or necessary as long as the idea or message the speaker is conveying is clear and understandable. This is what we may refer to as the communicative approach to language.

Suunto Traverse ay gumagamit ng Global Positioning System (GPS) upang matukoy ang kasalukuyan mong lokasyon. Ginagamit ng GPS ang mga satellite na umiikot sa Lupa na may altitude na 75,555 km sa bilis na 9 km/s.

Kapag kino-customize ang mga sport mode, maaari mong tukuyin ang agwat ng pag-aayos ng GPS gamit ang setting ng katumpakan ng GPS sa Suunto Movescount. Kung mas maikli ang agwat, mas tumpak ang pagre-record.