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You may say, “But he has promised to distribute the Hacienda Luisita to the farmers in five years!” Really? But why is he saying that only now?

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KMU zeroed in on the condition of women workers in SM malls: six days of work, attendance is strictly enforced, physical attractiveness is used as a yardstick for being hired, employees are asked to sign contracts first before benefits are disclosed, and contractuals are never regularized and are merely re-hired.

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this is just a proof that being poor is not an enough reason for one 8767 s success. its the eagerness and determination that counts. So dream big and workhard.

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Hi! Same thing happened to me. I did it on Saturday evening. Pero wala talaga akong nare-receive na confirmation number for the application. What should I do? I badly need to have it printed. Thank you sa response!

So why can 8767 t they make it earlier? My cousin should 8767 ve done it earlier so that it 8767 ll be better for her to have a passport done earlier like March or April.

I don 8767 t think so. There are many people on queue for that time slot (think of batch processing) so even if 65 people don 8767 t show up I think it 8767 s negligible. You 8767 re actually doing a favor for DFA by not showing up (they have less to do) but you used up a slot that other people could have used to process their passport. So for the sake of courtesy to others, don 8767 t forget to cancel appointments if you can 8767 t make it next time. :)

hello ask q lng po f anu magandang gawin pag dmo nkuha appointment code mo and then pg try ulit nkalagay na appointmwnt already exist..thanks po sa mkkasagot

You`re the one my love geudaen
You`re the one my love geudaen
You`re my delight of all
geudaeneun yeongwonhan
naui sarang ijyo

Inform the verification counter (step 7 yata sya) regarding the correction then you should also highlight this to the encoder (the one with camera) just to make sure.

then last month, nakapag apply nako, actually replaced a lost passport. haha. (so na try ko din yung sa luma, pero dahil minor pa kami that time, so madali lang kami nakapag apply) at today ang released.