Ang Parol ni TATAY | mayaman pa sa daga

ninong nmn! katakot ang grades ko ngaun!
malamang bka bumaba sila lahat!
naexcite ako sa krismas eh kaya aun nahirapan 7loy ako sa prelims!
bawi n lng uli!

Mga uri na pagkain na go,glow,grow - MaybeNow

I mean, I consider my family to be well off, a tad above middle class, but me and my family live a fairly simple life and I get annoyed when people keep saying Mayaman ka kasi eh kaya di ka marunong magluto/kumilos sa buhay/etc when they themselves do the same things I m doing.

Halimbawa ng pagkain na mayaman sa protina?

I used to think that giving them opportunities is the way to go, but some are so far gone in that mentality that it is exhausting, not to mention might have the effect of even dragging you down when you have enough to deal with. But if you can, and if you’re inclined, a good starting point is to just expose them to alternative ways of looking at things. You can try to spend a little time with them, to understand their situation, and maybe they will also see and understand the reality of your situation. You can “try to” lead by example, and expose them to the habits and behavior that you have developed and were taught to become successful people.

Pagkain Mayaman Sa Iron

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They might just be testing you if you are weak. They are actually hitting you on your strength, that is being rich. If you lose your composure while being hit on your strength, you are weak all over. And they might consider you for bullying or someone to be taken advantaged of. What you did is right, you showed that you know your strength and used it to patronize business where you are happy to put your money to.

Hindi naman na kasalanan yun ng nabili sa kanila. Aba, kung ganun sila ng ganun sa bumibili sa kanila. Mawawalan nga sila ng benta.

The Institute of Medicine recommends that 95% to 65% of the energy required should come from carbohydrates, especially complex carbohydrates.

homebodyhubby : yes indeed! salamat Misyel at Maligayang Pasko din sa iyo.
maski hindi ako lumalabas ng bahay, dito lang sa blog,
dahil sa inyo feel na feel ko ang pasko! 😀

Hindi mo kailangang maging manok para malaman na ang itlog ay bugok. Hindi mo kailangang maging mahirap para malaman kung ano ang kahirapan.

Middle class student here with parents lucky enough to have a car but are somewhat overprotective. Every time I complain about bad weather or traffic, my friends always say: May kotse naman kayo eh.