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di yung powdered na hinaluan ng tubig ha? dapat sana yung naka-tetrapak or box. better kung gatas ng kalabaw. betterer kung galing mismo sa dodo ng cow. 😛

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we actually went to Subic to go to other places and not just swim in a pool or stay on the beach. my bet is this is the best place to stay if you 8767 ll be hanging around Subic. rooms and sheets were nice and clean. room A/C unit filter needed cleaning though and did it myself. wifey is quite sensitive to dust so i just had to check and didn 8767 t bother to have the staff do it. it 8767 s quite easy, it 8767 s just the filter and the A/C unit itself was clean anyway.

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8775 GISING NA ALMUSAL NA! nice to hear if somebody from family member wakes you up with these words!
I was asked one time, after attending Sunday Mass a friend of mine who was accompanied by an austrian lady. The lady she asked me of do we eat at home a typical PINOY Breakfast as she knows!
I said YES, of course but not as often as they use too. Then the next questioned was like what?
As you can see the photo down here that was my answer! :pump-:)

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May mahigit 75 milyong accommodation review, at lahat ng ito'y mula sa mga totoo at verified guests. Paano ito gumagana?

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    As for breast cancer patients, an apple a day may keep breast cancer away. Lab studies show that apple peel can actually fight the spread of cancer cells.

    Over medium heat, pour in the beaten eggs. When the eggs start to set, stir the mixture a few times. Allow to set once more then stir again. Repeat until the eggs are cooked and firm.

    it 8767 s not hard to find anyway. just look for the Immaculate Conception Parish church and it 8767 ll just be across the street. we didn 8767 t come by private car. we commuted via bus and jeep and when we were going in, we sort of got stares from the security guards. Emily was at the front desk and was sort of flustered when we checked-in but she was very soft-spoken, kind and apologetic.

    bkt po ganun mrme po nagssbe na buntis po ako kc nagsusuka po ako araw7 po at bkt po ganun itong june 6 at 7 po niregla po ko mlakas po pagdting ng june 8 at 9 po mahina po at kulay brown po sbe nla spot nlang dw po un pero bkt gnun po nag pt po bkt negative pero ara7 po ko nagsusuka at lumalake dw po baywang ko buntis po ba ko

    i 8767 m kapampangan. i was born and raised in pampanga. and the reputation for being great cooks is the first thing that non-kapampangans assume. 8775 shame on the kapampangan who does not know how to cook! 8776

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    In the morning, take the bowl and eat the tasty and healthy breakfast. You can expect the first positive results after only one week.