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This feature shows you the latest, up-to-the-second page views on your website. It displays the most recent page views, some details about the visitor that made them, and allows you to magnify for even more detail on that visitor.

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Every website ideally would like their visitors to come back again and again. This feature identifies what percentage of your visitors are returning (and how many times they've returned), and how many are visiting for the first time. If a very low percentage of your traffic is from returning visits it may be useful to identify ways to encourage repeat visits and loyalty from your users.

Ano ano ang mga katangian ng halaman?

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This feature shows you which operating systems your visitors use, and ranks them according to popularity. This feature may be useful in determining the technical background of your audience by the types of operating system they use.

Did you ever ask yourself are my visitors clicking the websites I link to? Are they clicking my advertising links or the sites I recommend?This tool allows you to see how many times your links to other websites are being clicked by your visitors.

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Do you have a download on your website? Perhaps a PDF, picture or Excel file? If you do this stat can tell you when your visitors are clicking these downloads!

Visitor Paths show the navigation path recent visitors took through your site. You can use this to identify common visitor behaviour, or unusual navigation paths that may indicate a problem with your site.

This feature shows you how long your visitors are spending on your site enabling you to find out what percentage of your visitors stay for various periods of time. This stat is important, as it can help you determine how much 'pull' your website has for visitors. If your visit length is typically low, you may wish to find improved ways to keep your visitors on your site for longer.

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