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thank you and now i am sure that my defense this coming october will become good because of your help. thank you very much and more power

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nagsusuply din po parin kayo ng malunggay powder po?
I have some buyers na din po of my malunggay powder kasi they like it because the way I sterilize my powder and preparation and also po the outcome of the product is export quality talaga. thanks mam cris

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Hello Ms. Cristina pwedeng bumili ng malunggay powder mo??? At saka turmeric na din. Just tell me the price and kung saan tayo pwedeng magkita please.

How to Make Cristina’s Malunggay (moringa) Powder | Cris

Of course, you will save a lot if you make it. Just invest time. Its best if the coconuts you use are freshly harvested.

9. With a medical certificate issued issued by a government physician (government physician ha? hindi fmily physician natin or private practitioner) 5. With an NBI clearace or police clearance (sa city hall ito nakukuha or sa NBI kiosks)

am sorry but i haven 8767 t gone to researching how to preserve the juice. I always believe it 8767 s best to keep it fresh. I hope if you find ways to preserve it and has made a machine to do it, you 8767 ll have the time to share it with us. Thanks.

Infant or Baby or Pediatric Massage- as the name implies, its a gentle massage is done on kids, children and babies. This is a great way for babies to get started on a life-long enjoyment of massage therapy. It provides stimulation of the nervous system, touch and supports the parent-child bonding.

While auriculotherapy can be used to treat a numerous array of health issues, musculoskeletal pain and addiction have demonstrated some of the most dramatic responses to to these therapy.

Ang basa ko sa tanong mo kung puede bang ilagay sa capsule ang malunggay. Puede basta bibili ka lang nung capsule gels. Before, napanood ko sa kabuhayang swak na swak na puedeng ilagay ang virgin coconut oil sa gels na iyon. Puede kang mag check sa CARICA kung paano ka makakabili ng gels na yon.

i commend this blog for helping a lot of people to combat the chronic nutritional problem we are contronted today. more power to you.