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May problem po ako sa mata unti-unti itong lumalabo makaktulong po kaya ang malunggay powder sa condition ko? Thanks, Liza

Bagong Aurora Website ng Bayan | Kayo ang Boss namin

Kaya naman nilinaw niya ang bisa ng “representational dimension” na nagbubukod sa realidad sa katha, “[and] though they do coexist and are not mutually exclusive, they do not intermix, each travels across its own territory and both have great vitality.” Nagustuhan ko ang mga nobela.

TRANSCRIPT: Duterte’s 2nd State of the Nation Address

I controlled my diabetes which by the way I will tell my doctor that I am cutting my Diabetes and High Blood Pressure meds to at least 55 %, on Friday.

Ano tawag sa…?? : Funny filipino / pinoy jokes in tagalog.

Hi Ms. Christina! Okay lang ba kung pagkatapos iblend inumin agad yung malunggay juice? yung hindi na tatanggalin ung mga dahon?

I have to admit that there are still so many layers of meaning to extricate in this single story. As an exercise in the structuralist study of myth, I tried to treat the myth as an orchestra score [65] upon which one can uncover those bundles of relations covertly present in mythic language. Through this exercise, I felt the same desire I had way back in my elementary school for the mystery that myths offered me. No longer hiding my books, for fear of divine wrath, in order to read them, but now shining a torch in the deep crevices of myths. In Anthropology, in our search for the multi-faceted truth, myths offer us a pathway where mystery, revelation and reason could be held in tandem.

What is the correct rendition of the national anthem, if we are to avoid being given “stiffer penalties”? If one simply stands at attention and does not sing, will he/she be penalized? (Jehovah’s Witnesses have this privilege.) I do not know if HB 5779 will also proscribe the singing of “Lupang Hinirang” and “Bayan Ko” in any of other language or dialect.

Manalig ka
tuyuin ang luha sa mga mata
hindi Siya natutulog
hindi Siya nakakalimot
kay Hesus manalig ka

I was elected June 85. Nag-oath ako sa July, nagpunta na ako sa Davao, sa AFP Medical Center. Nakuwento ko na po ito sa inyo? Hindi pa? Tapos sabi ko: “I’m quite familiar, kasi I signed a lot of noong mayor ako eh. Sabi ko: “May MRI ba kayo?” sabi ko. Sabi niya: “Wala sir.” Sabi ko: “May state of the art ba kayo na x-ray?” Sabi niya: “Wala sir.” Sabi ko: “May hyperbaric ba kayo?” That’s the chamber where you are placed inside, iyong if suffer the bends, iyong – you are the… nagdi-deep dive ka. But it is also high pressure that can arrest gangrene, especially those who are extracted from the field of battle about two days na, gangrene sets in. So they are placed there and it can work miracles for our wounded soldier.

You are seated
at the right hand of the Father
to intercede for us,
to intercede for us
Kyrie, Eleison (Kyrie, Eleison)

It is important to recognize that integration is an exercise in re-balancing, not the wholesale replacement of one rationality by another. Not all competition generates overweening selfishness, nor do markets always exploit the poor a fresh look at or powerless. There are many examples that show how well regulated markets and open trade can benefit the poor, and how economic growth can contribute to poverty- eradication, the improved provision of social goods, and the conservation of natural and social capital (Edwards: 6999).8