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The new Titans deal with Beastboy and Raven’s growing attraction, a deadly criminal, and trying to find a way to stay together while their world changes. Growing up is hard to do. This is my first fanfic, but not my first story. Please let me know if there are any errors or details about the titans I have wrong. Hopefully I’ll keep writing and finish this story without any huge gaps. Encouragement is welcome and appreciated. Rated for a reason. Oh, and I’m still deciding if I want to put in some robstar or cybee. But that is all up to you, my good reader!

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That’s So Raven is a television show about Raven Baxter, a teenage psychic that can see into the future. “So I have these occasional visions that may or may not come true.” Raven and her family and friends always get involved into weird situations, struggling to stop the visions from coming true.

It had been a long tiring day at work, and Blackfire was dirty and tired. As long as she stayed out of any sort of crime, she was fully allowed to live on earth. She was truly thankful to them for the chance, and had made the most of it, getting a job unloading ships down at the docks, where her powers made her pretty useful. Stepping into the shower now, the hot water slicing the dirt and grime off of her as she let out a little bit of a moan.

As she began to scrub her hair, she thought back to her discovery on the Internet not too long ago. Blackfire was bisexual of course, but she had always thought her chances of finding a good baby would of been a boy. In her tiny apartment across town, Jinx sat down in front of her semi new computer, and crossed her arms pouting. Looking over, she eyed her ruffled pink plastic panties but they got a too warm for her a little too quick.

Remembering what had happen always upset Jinx. Her and the fastest boy alive had been going out for a while and each of them decided to let the other in on all of their secrets, and they each promised to still love each other afterwards. It started simple enough, revealing parents and teachers

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Lost The plot revolves around a group of plane crash survivors. They are forced to work together when they find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island with no help in sight. It starts off as a survival show, but soon blends some sci-fi and fantasy elements. We are introduced to time traveling, ghosts, smoke monsters, and the afterlife as the show goes on. During its course of six seasons, secrets kept unraveling only to reveal more puzzles.

Watch Thats So Raven – Season 4 full Episode with english sub, The fourth and final season of That’;s So Raven closing the chapter on the story of the Baxter family, which now consists of only Raven Baxter, Cory Baxter, and Victor Baxter. Raven is a teenage girl periodically receives brief psychic visions of the future. Of course, she only gets brief visions which can hit her at any moment.

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Many of their solutions are based on theories that require special knowledge or tools. When he looks at the blogs he sees a lot of the same kind of talk.

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It haunts his dreams. A Day in the Limelight: There is an episode where Cory goes to Hollywood and meets a child actress who wants a normal life. The episode mostly focuses on her.

hes basivally a 30 year old rapper that came out of no where (besides Thats So Raven) that talks shit constantly about any rapper he can just for the hell of it. and he doesnt have the discography to back his shit talk up. he doesnt know his place.

Raven, Sydney and the Man Air Date: February 20th, , Raven, Chelsea, and Eddie volunteer to run clubs for Mrs. Valentine’s class at the Community Center. While there, Raven must deal with mentoring an obnoxious little girl named Sydney. Raven finds out that Sydney never knew her real parents, and eventually they grow a sisterly bond.

Pin Pals Air Date: February 24th, , The episode begins with Victor talking to Raven and Cory about taking responsibility in the Baxter house since Tanya is in England. Raven must choose between going with Chelsea and Eddie for a bowling tournament, or sneaking into world-famous fashion designer Donna Cabonna’s fashion show to show off her designs.

you never know, a teen titans fanfic

Raven Baxter meets Zack and Cody while visiting the Tipton Hotel to do a photo shoot promoting a fashion line for boys. During her stay, Raven upsets Cody with a psychic vision and London Tipton refuses to take interest in one of Raven’s clothing designs until Hannah Montana arrives and shows an interest. She has a sassy attitude and a grand personality, and is well known for her style.

She also loves fashion, and designs her own clothing. She has friends and a loving family, and she goes to public school. However, on various occasions, she gets “psychic visions” about what may or may not happen later.

That’s So Raven is a Disney Channel show that ran from to , aimed at the tween audience. The plot revolves around precognitive teenager Raven Baxter (Raven-Symoné) as she gets herself, her friends Eddie and Chelsea, and her family out of various situations, usually by using her Psychic Powers and skills as a “Master of Disguise”, neither of which help.

Movies The story — hatched by Smith, co-scripted by Shyamalan — is set way in the future, a thousand years after the inhabitants of Earth fled their eco-ravaged home to set up shop on another planet. So Cypher agrees to take the boy along on his next space mission. Unfortunately, their vessel is knocked out of the heavens by one of those pesky space storms and plummets down onto a hostile planet that we soon learn to be — yes, Earth. What they need now is a signal beacon to summon help.

Unfortunately, this key piece of equipment has been hurled about a hundred kilometers away. All should be well, however, if Kitai will just man-up:

After Earth and Now You See Me

Contents Background Personality Raven is strong, confident and loud. She loves to have fun but struggles with the burden of keeping her psychic abilities secret whilst at the same time trying to fit in with everybody else. She can be bossy and brutally honest when it comes to fashion, but has a heart of gold and has been shown to use her knowledge of future disasters to save the day. Unfortunately, Raven’s visions also have the uncanny ability to get both her and her family into bad situations.

6 Addictive Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic Tv Shows Like “the ” Updated on October 4, Rahul Parashar. more. Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes: Raven is a prodigy as a zero-gravity mechanic. My friend recommended so now I’m gonna watch the till season five of course! I came upon this article searching up more shows like this.

How deep do the links between Polaris tech and Grounder culture go? What will the new Commander be like and how many past Commander memories will she or he have? There are a lot of intriguing questions to chew on. All that criticism comes in the context of having been a fan since Season 1 sidebar: Before I begin talking about Lexa, I want to say that if you were hurt or deeply dismayed by her death — or if you had another reaction of another flavor — I respect your position.

Like many of you, I have complicated feelings about some aspects of the episode. Many viewers who communicated with me appear to be having complex and difficult reactions as well, and the ones who tweeted to me did so in respectful ways. But it was clear from reading The that some fans were angry. We might theoretically understand why Monty would side with his mom, but even that character got short shrift Monty and Jasper getting less screen time than Pike this season really gets my teeth grinding, and I always want more Raven.

All in all, the writing this season has regularly skipped over key moments, left important developments off-screen and missed opportunities to develop character motivations and elaborate on important themes. At some point, in the eyes of some viewers, it drives right into a ditch. I expected Lexa to die this season, especially given that Alycia Debnam-Carey is a series regular on a hit show on another network. I expected her and Clarke to sleep together at some point, and to me it made sense that they would do so when they were both feeling quite vulnerable because they might never see each other again.

Their love scenes and the deathbed scene were, considered on their own, spectacular.

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Nov 28,  · ok, so im redoing my room and i really need a picture or something of ravens design model or her room when its finished on the episode of them redecorating her room on the tv show. remember with the hook up my space thing? also what is the episode called? plez help!!! 10 pts to Status: Resolved.

Yup that’s me Eddie’s first rap in the 14th episode “A dog by any another name “season 1 – Eddie- Let me break it down for Yall , Alright uh , I may be sitting in the seat soaked to my feet but this homeboys gotch you beat Aha! Now you can call me names , Make funny faces but it doesnt mean cuz your nothing but a bunch of sad rapping cousins , You think your so smart, You get F’s and D’S and your grade so low man , You get straight Z’S.

I may be stuck sitting through spit and spray but it don’t really matter cus I’ma get an A “The road to audition season 2 episode 8 songs Eddie’s rap – Whoo! It’s history in the making, Y’all Yeah! Believe me you ain’t never heard a young man, That can blaze the track , Ridiculous cat that can dribble behind his back , Can’t stop the dribble in my blood, Can’t nobody understand that , But when you hear this track, I betcha I’m gonna see you dancing.

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